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I’m naruto trash, believe it

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
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I want a fur suit so bad



I CAN;T BELIEVE I DID NOT SEE THIS SOONER!!! THE NEWS BECAUSE SMART!!!!!!! also this is really adorable :3

WOW the news actually did a nice story on furries!!!


No kids these are classics *pulls out every naruto manga*


basically me the last two days.

grumpy, yet fluffy

seagifts asked: Hi sorry I have an odd question. You have had your fursona for a long time without making many changes and you are so content with her! But I can never settle on a design and I'm going through a major identity crisis at the moment. What is it about Zan's design that makes her irreplaceable?

I haven’t really spoken much about this publicly yet but, I’m starting to see Zan as more of a mascot of mine. Her design hasn’t changed much from when i first designed her when i was about 15ish with a red and black pen haha. I just can’t get myself to make any drastic changes because shes so important to me. i dunno. 

But yeah, I…don’t really identify with her as strongly as I used to nowadays, but I still can’t bring myself to demote her from fursona to mascot ;v;

My other fursona Citrinelle on the other hand, is a character I’m beginning to identify as. She is, literally me, and her design has been constantly changing for the past 2 years or so as I continue to try and visualize her design.

I would just keep making changes to your sona! Keep fiddling till you find something that fits jusssst right. you’ll know when you get there! :3


some doodles i doodled while fa was down n stuff

…………i might have started catching up w/naruto and just……..getting 100% back into this damn anime

also naz is basically kurama