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making a quick stream announcement image to post on fa when i start working on coms . Come on in! Tumblr is getting this announcement first. FA will follow once the announcement image is complete.

No mic today…too emotional and don’t really wanna talk cause I could randomly break down @-@ And yeahhh so i’ll be in chat as Zan

I’m in fucking tears right now….I’m sobbing all over my fucking tablet I love you all so fucking much…thank you for all the help so far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you ;___;

ryohga asked: you're allowed to vent over something as major as that. do you have a list of commission prices somewhere? i'd like to help.

you can see my prices here and are more than free to note me if you’d like a commission…Though I need to be honest and say I’m still quite backed up with orders, so my turn-around time may be a little longer than quoted in that journal. I’m going to do my best to clear out a huge chunk of my queue tonight/tomorrow, but I feel it’s still important for you and others to know about the backup. Thank you so much though, i really appreciate it 

Please help me see my Grandpa

Thought i’d make a more official post in hopes people could maybe reblog and signal boost for me…

My name is Stacy, and I live in Florida. I recently moved here from Texas to live with my online/long distance partner of 3 years. It’s been an absolutely fantastic year so far, and I couldn’t be happier living with my amazing boyfriend. Unfortunately, moving here has separated me from my family, and I’ve only been able to see them once since my move.

My Grandfather has been in the hospital for months now. He has stage 3 kidney failure, and is too weak to go through dialysis. He is paralyzed on his left side, blind, and can no longer hear. His heart is currently working at only 30%. 

Tomorrow, my family will tell the doctor to disconnect him from life support.

I was planning to visit family again next month, but I’d like to try and fly to Texas next week in hopes of seeing him one more time. I may not be able to make it in time to see him alive, but I want to be with my family regardless of his status when I get there.

My grandpa and I are very close. He’s been like a second father to me since i was a little tot, and it absolutely pains me not being able to be there to see him in the hospital. It kills me knowing I can’t go with the rest of my family tomorrow to see him one more time before they disconnect…

I’m trying to raise $461 by the end of this week so I can buy my plane ticket and fly out on Tuesday, the 23rd. It would mean the world to me if you could help me out by donating even a penny, or simply signal-boosting this so others can read my story.

I wanted to attach a photo of my grandpa on here so I can share his lovely smile with all my followers, but I currently don’t have one with me. If I can raise this money by the end of this week, i’ll share photos of my trip to texas or something just so I can prove that none of this is a hoax or scam where i’m trying to run off with people’s money. I’ve never made a post like this before in my two years of blogging, but I’m truly desperate right now and don’t know what else to do…

If you’d like to donate to my cause, please send funds to and maybe send me an ask so I can personally thank each and every one of you with all my heart.

Thank you again for reading ♥

Gonna shower and prolly stream tonight as well

$461 is my goal…That’s the price of my plane ticket

I’m off tomorrow and tomorrow my grandpa will be disconnected from life support. I spoke to my manager today and he is 100% ok with me leaving literally whenever to go see my family. I want to be there for them. Not next month, but next week. I don’t know if I’ll make it to see my grandpas smile again, but id like to at least make it to the funeral…

I’m going to be streaming all day tomorrow, from the moment I wake up, to bed time. I’m going to work on owed artworks and take on-demand sketch commissions in between. I’ll also accept donations all day. I’m hoping, praying to make enough to go ….it would mean the world to me …

We also have to balance our debt/bills through this but I’m confident we can do so…family is just such a huge priority right now…I know I’m going to have a huge breakdown over this soon because I was so close to my grandpa all my life …so I’m just bracing for it and hoping all works out

I’m really sorry for all the venting today btw ..

Anonymous asked: Have you considered getting two jobs?

Yeah but I physically cannot do that…I’m keeping commissions as my second job

Anonymous asked: Yeah I'm sure people will help out (I know I'll donate)! However, just from experience since I was in the same boat 2 years ago, maybe you guys weren't financially ready to live on your own without a room mate? You guys are adults obviously and can do what you want but just from my POV that you guys may need to consider cutting down on luxury expenses (AKA, you don't NEED a DVR/Tivo or you don't need to go out as often)

Believe me we’ve cut down on a lot of things. We probably are gonna get rid of cable and the last thing I bought for myself was a pack of pokemon cards weeks ago lol it’s all I’ve been able to buy for myself in the past month+

But yeah we’re doing all we can. We can afford to live on our own, we just need this godamn debt cleared cause it’s making things harder than they should be

(Thank you so much btw I really appreciate your support ;; )

Really feeling absolutely terrible and wishing I had the day off. Probably not gonna touch skype for a while either cause I’m gonna force myself to work these next few days I’m even going to block tumblr or something when I get home. Idk. I need to do something